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Essentially, you stole the car.  It is probably reported that way, and on repo lists, etc.   Call the leasing company, and say you want to return the car.  Drop it off at a dealer.&nb ...Read more

You should write a dispute letter to the Credit Reporting Agency (Experian, Equifax and/or TransUnion) that is reporting the account inaccurately, and ask (demand) that they report the account accurat ...Read more

Bad news.  The "Implied 3-day right of cancellation" only applies to very few consumer transactions -- Only those related to home solicitation; A door-to-door vacuum salesman, a home solicitation ...Read more

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Credit Repair: Is There Really Such A Thing?

Answer: Not Really.  The service they are offering is a service to which you already have access.  For free.  A system to dispute inaccuracies has been in place for years.  The Cre ... Read more

Circle of Legal Trust Holds Second Annual Conference April 2014, Las Vegas, NV

The conference room of attorney Richard Harris was packed for the second annual conference of the Circle of Legal Trust. The Circle, based out of Rendondo Beach, CA provides a space for attorneys to o ... Read more

Does having an IPA slow down my structured settlement transfer?

Does having an IPA slow down my structured settlement transfer?  The short answer is NO. But there is a growing misconception floating around that having an Independent Professional Advisor is a ... Read more

Orange County Independent Professional Advisor

Orange county has long been a conservative county, and the conservative attitude is now spilling over into structured settlement transfers. In combination to the budget cuts to the courts, they have f ... Read more

Dyer Knudsen Law will sue the Debt Collector for unfair practices

Tampa Bay Creditor Harassment Attorney Creditor Harassment   Debt can make you feel trapped and alone. The longer your debt lasts, the worse it gets and quite often debt is accompanied by harassi ... Read more

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