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can I sue someone for an issue from 14 years ago?

1 Answers. Asked on Apr 06th, 2016 on Consumer Law - New Jersey
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The issue I have just popped up again in the last couple of days and has caused me additional damages. It is from a shipping dispute in 2002. I shipped the goods, which arrived but the buyer refused to sign the delivery receipt and abandoned the shipment. I couldn't get the shipment back at the time & the buyer took her money back by chargeback dispute through her creditcard. I never repaid paypal for the dispute because I didn't get my property back. Yesterday paypal re-billed me for the dispute from 14 years ago and seized the money I now have in my new paypal account. Can I sue the buyer from 2002 who originally caused this? I have all of the documentation from 2002 that shows what happened. I thought it was beyond the statute of limitations but paypal says it's not. Is that because I have a new paypal account now? I live in NJ but the buyer is in Illinois, and paypal is in CA. Who has jurisdiction?
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Answered on Apr 07th, 2016 at 3:40 AM

It appears that PayPal got a judgment against you years ago and executed on your present account. Please check ASAP. You should have done the same against the person that did not pay you. How much money was involved ?  You are now too late. You may have an issue with PayPal if they do not have a judgment against you or if you were not properly served. Ed Dimon

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