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Im seeking compensation, for car repair due to a car accident. Repair shop has caused me financial loss and family hardship and traumas.

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After my car left the body shop, the car has been giving me problems. In addition I had to go back multiple times to the shop for them to look at my car and still the car is giving problems. They are playing crazy, making me waste time, money, work time, and causing much financial and family hardship. I cannot give them more chances to keep screwing me and my family. The repair costed over $11,000, and the car still gives me troubles, in addition, I am stil waiting for more parts to be ordered and to be installed. They took two months to give me back the car, without providing me a rental car, after I requested many times. The estimated repair time was 3-4 weeks maximum.
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Answered on Mar 10th, 2017 at 5:38 AM

Unless you have a warranty that covers it - a repair shop is not obligated to provide you a rental car. That is YOUR reponsibility. This sounds like you have been trying to handle an accident repair without a lawyer. You may need to simply accept that you have to spend some money to hire a lawyer to sort this all out. 

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