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Having a checking account that's linked to a debit card is almost a necessity these days. It is a standard option offered by most banks. However, this ... read more
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Using Credit Cards Correctly in Trying Economic Times
Federal and state laws impose a variety of obligations on credit card companies. These laws regulate areas such as discrimination, information disclosure, billing, and debt collection. If you don't understand how credit cards work and what your rights are, your credit card application may be unfairly ... Read more

Consumers and Congress Tackle Big Bank Fees
That little $5 purchase just cost you $39. That $10 cash withdrawal in the morning and $10 more in the afternoon cost you a total of $78. Crunch the numbers, and you have paid a hefty price for having overdrawn your bank account by $25. And it seems that your bank has made easy money by racking up these ... Read more

Lenders Are Watching More than Your Credit Score
Your credit report plays a big role when it comes to getting that new loan or credit card. In fact, for years it's been the key in most credit decisions. That's changing though. As the US economic recovery continues, banks, credit card companies, and other lenders are much more careful when deciding ... Read more

The FDIC Can It Go Bankrupt
FDIC is short for Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, created by the government in 1933 in the aftermath of the Great Depression. The FDIC protects the money you put in an FDIC-insured bank in case the bank goes out of business. The program has been very successful. Since it began, no depositor has ... Read more

Avoid Default on Government Student Loans
The amount of student loan debt in the U.S. is close to $1 trillion. Student debt has passed up credit-card debt to become the second-largest category of consumer debt in the country. Only mortgage debt is higher. Due to the poor job market of the past few years, nearly one in six student loan borrowers ... Read more

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VW emissions scandal: VW shares plunge - Shareholder damages claims

It is thought that around eleven million vehicles worldwide have been affected by the VW scandal concerning manipulated emissions test data, including models from Volkswagen’s subsidiaries Au ... Read more

Credit Repair: Is There Really Such A Thing?

Answer: Not Really. The service they are offering is a service to which you already have access. For free. A system to dispute inaccuracies has been in place for years. The Credit Reporting Agencies ... Read more

Weak euro can result in problems for foreign currency loans

The ECB wants to purchase government bonds on a large scale. One consequence of this could be another collapse in the euro exchange rate. This might lead to problems for financial investments with for ... Read more

Banking law: Client often at a disadvantage vis-¿¿-vis bank - Lawyers can help

Banking law is one of the fields of law that almost everyone comes into contact with, yet it features many pitfalls which can be expensive for clients. GRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in Cologne ... Read more

Social Networking Blog Part V: Dislike - Using Social Media to Strip Away Consumer Rights

This blog is part of an ongoing series involving social media privacy and the effects that it can have on your legal rights. Click the links below to access prior blog entries on this subject: Part ... Read more

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