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The rent-to-own industry has been one of the country's fastest growing industries since the economy has taken a downturn. These companies cater to cus ... read more
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Watch Out For A 30 Percent Interest Rate Hike
Many people were surprised by a letter they received. Although they had good credit history, their interest rates were to be hiked up to 29.99%, an extremely steep increase. Citibank, a popular bank and credit card lender has sent such notice to more than 20% of their customers. Can Credit Card Companies ... Read more

Who Gets the Bill The High Price of Rescue
The stories are riveting. Mountain climbers go missing on Mt. Hood. Hikers buried after an avalanche. Skiers trapped on a mountaintop after a sudden storm. Campers lost in the wilderness after having strayed off the trail. And the ending to the stories is sometimes tragedy, sometimes relief. However, ... Read more

Beware of Fine Print in Job Loss Protection Plans
Late in 2008, the US economy began taking a downturn. Investors started losing money, would-be retirees began losing their nest eggs, and millions of workers became unemployed. It didn't take long for some companies to devise plans to entice consumers to spend money they may not otherwise spend out ... Read more

Check That Groupon Before Losing the Deal
Related Item Groupon's business practices got some added scrutiny recently. The Wall Street Journal reported that, in the United Kingdom at least, Groupon keeps all the money paid for vouchers that aren't redeemed by the expiration date. This highlights a difference between Groupon's business here in ... Read more

Gift Cards Come with Strings Attached
People seem to love gift cards. The National Retail Federation expects nearly $25 billion was spent on gift cards in 2010. They're perfect for both sides of the gift - they're easy to buy, easy to use, and no one has to worry about a gift that's the wrong size, color, or style. Both givers and receivers ... Read more

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Not likely, but it may have various warranty protections. Bigger issue is WHY and how rear window "broke"  after you left the dealer. No warranties cover damage, abuse or impact type issues, as t ...Read more

In theory yes. But unless it is a substantial account, not likely financially sound deciion and could expose the vendor other liabilities.

Not likely. Unless you can prove they knew of the condition of the car or faked a car fax to sell it in violation of Fla. Stat. 501.975.

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BGH rules in favour of chocolate bears in case concerning trademark law

In its judgment of September 23, 2015, the BGH (German Federal Court of Justice) ruled in a legal dispute involving trademark law in favour of chocolate teddies, which were said not to have infring ... Read more

OLG Hamm prohibits sale of anti-competitive counterfeit handbags

In its judgment of June 16, 2015, the OLG Hamm (Higher Regional Court of Hamm) ruled in favour of the French manufacturer of the original handbags in a case concerning trademark law (Az.: 4 U 32/14) ... Read more


Businesses, corporations or individuals that deceive or manipulate their clients for personal financial gain at their clients’ expense are guilty ofconsumer fraud. These groups target and victim ... Read more

Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyer: Holiday Shopping Guide

Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyer: Holiday Shopping Guide The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time, and toys that your children receive and play with are supposed to be fun, entertaining, and edu ... Read more

Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers: Birth Control Product Defects

Millions of women around the world use birth control drugs and devices to prevent pregnancy. Others use them to help relieve other medical conditions like heavy menstruation or persistent acne. As wit ... Read more

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