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The rent-to-own industry has been one of the country's fastest growing industries since the economy has taken a downturn. These companies cater to cus ... read more
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Problems with Rent A Center
The rent-to-own industry has been one of the country's fastest growing industries since the economy has taken a downturn. These companies cater to customers who don't have the money or credit to buy big-ticket items, such as televisions and appliances. Rent-A-Center is the largest rent-to-own company ... Read more

Watch Out For A 30 Percent Interest Rate Hike
Many people were surprised by a letter they received. Although they had good credit history, their interest rates were to be hiked up to 29.99%, an extremely steep increase. Citibank, a popular bank and credit card lender has sent such notice to more than 20% of their customers. Can Credit Card Companies ... Read more

When Can Children Fly Alone
  A nine-year old's story shows what to avoid when it comes to children flying alone Each airline has its own rules on unaccompanied minors Follow the rules and take some precautions to keep your child safe   Children often take airline flights alone for a variety of reasons, such as an extended visit ... Read more

Who Gets the Bill The High Price of Rescue
The stories are riveting. Mountain climbers go missing on Mt. Hood. Hikers buried after an avalanche. Skiers trapped on a mountaintop after a sudden storm. Campers lost in the wilderness after having strayed off the trail. And the ending to the stories is sometimes tragedy, sometimes relief. However, ... Read more

Beware of Fine Print in Job Loss Protection Plans
Late in 2008, the US economy began taking a downturn. Investors started losing money, would-be retirees began losing their nest eggs, and millions of workers became unemployed. It didn't take long for some companies to devise plans to entice consumers to spend money they may not otherwise spend out ... Read more

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Did you pay cash for the mattress or did you charge it to a credit card or how did you pay for it? You have to prove that the one that you got was not the same one as on display. i would return to the ...Read more

Work closely with the dealership and with the company and develop a detailed written record of the facts. Use the Internet to get smart on the problem. Add to your written record. If not successful, y ...Read more

If your son is a minor, you could theoretically bring suit on his behalf, but only if he suffered damages (such as physical or emotional injury).  On these facts alone, you yourself would not hav ...Read more

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Healthcare Primary and What That Means for PIP Claims

Original Post: Important developments regarding Health Insurance Primary (HIP) and other relevant information. The purpose of this post is to help assist those w ... Read more

Bundeskartellamt has audio books in its sights

Audio books have attracted the attention of the Bundeskartellamt (German Federal Cartel Office). The competition watchdog is investigating whether an online mail order company and a manufacturer of co ... Read more

Sweeping advertising statements can be misleading

The Landgericht Berlin (Regional Court of Berlin) ruled on April 14, 2015 that blanket advertising of savings is misleading to consumers (Az.: 103 O 124/14). GRP Rainer Lawyers and Tax Advisors in ... Read more

EGC: Test procedure for vacuums not misleading to consumers

Specifications regarding the energy consumption of empty vacuum cleaners do not infringe competition law. That was the decision of the General Court of the European Union (EGC) in its ruling of Novemb ... Read more


When an unsuspecting consumer has been taken advantage of, mislead, exploited or deceived by a product, service provider or corporation, it is an act of consumer fraud. Unfortunately,consumer fraud ha ... Read more

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