Consumer Fraud

People struggle to keep up with day-to-day expenses in today's economy. Many turn to payday loans as a temporary fix for financial stress. Scammers ar ... read more
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Consumer Law General FAQ
A contractor provides less than what was promised and paid for. Is there any recourse? Are dry cleaners responsible for lost or damaged items? Don't I have a "cooling off period" on all credit transactions? If I just made a purchase and the item goes on sale, does the retailer have to refund the difference? ... Read more

Consumer Law Electronic Fund Transfers FAQ
Can a creditor require that I use an EFT account? Can a financial institution set up an account and send me a card without my approval? Do the EFT Act protections apply to all preauthorized plans? How do I correct an error? How do I stop a preauthorized payment? How will I know that a preauthorized deposit ... Read more

Consumer Law Telemarketing FAQ
A telemarketer contacted me about helping me with my credit, asking for up-front money. Is this legal? A telemarketer sold me hundreds of dollars' worth of magazines. Am I obligated to pay for these? Are the automatic dialers telemarketers use legal? I hate answering the phone only to hear nothing, then ... Read more

Consumer Law Consumer Purchases FAQ
Can I cancel a purchase I made from a door-to-door salesperson? Do online merchants have to provide the warranty so I can review it before I buy? How do I know an Internet site is secure for purchases? Is it safe to provide my credit card over the Internet for a purchase? I've ordered items they haven't ... Read more

Scam Alert: "Robocalls" to Extend Your Warranty
A federal judge put a halt to operations by a telemarketer that pitched deceptive extended auto warranties to consumers nationwide through prerecorded phone messages, or robocalls. A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) lawsuit alleged the telemarketer blasted robocalls that falsely warned consumers their ... Read more

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Six years is statute of limitations so you can still sue.

It will depend on the collectablity of the dealer. You may have to settle for a restitution order from the criminal court if the dealer isn't collectible. Typically you will need to consult with a law ...Read more

Absent a gun or torture, there was no "forcing" you to do anything. You can try to claim the contract is void because you are incompetnent but be wary of walking youself into a guardianship/conservato ...Read more

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New Jersey Consumer Fraud Lawyers Notice Increase in “Imposter Scams”

Consumer fraud is rampant, and most people are careful to take measures to protect themselves. But as people become more savvy about this kind of crime, those who commit these acts find new and creati ... Read more

Toys Exposing Personal Information through Data Breach

A line of toys manufactured by internet-based company, CloudPets, has left the personal information of nearly 800,000 consumers exposed to hackers everywhere. The toys are stu ... Read more

Trump University Class Action Lawsuit

The class action case against president-elect Donald Trump and his Trump University for fraud progressed further yesterday, as Trump’s lawyers agreed to enter settlement talks. Plaintiffs allege ... Read more

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act provides strong protection for consumers against deceptive commercial practices by businesses.  These protections include limitations on what businesses can do a ... Read more

The NJ Consumer Fraud Act Applies to Residential Construction Projects

Contractors should recognize that the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act ("CFA") does apply to residential construction projects.  Failure to adhere to the CFA or its associated regulations ... Read more

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