Q: Can I cancel a purchase I made from a door-to-door salesperson?

  • A:Possibly. State and federal laws apply to purchases made in your home:
    • State and federal laws may give you the right to cancel purchases of $25 or more made in your home
    • The salesperson must tell you about your right to cancel the sale and give you two dated copies of a cancellation form showing the salesperson’s name and address and explaining your right to cancel
    • To cancel, sign and date one of the cancellation notices provided to you. Send the notice by certified mail before midnight of the 3rd business day following the sale (Saturday is considered a business day but Sunday and legally recognized holidays are not). Keep the other notice of cancellation for your records.
    • If you weren’t provided with a notice of cancellation form at the time of the sale, your three days don’t start running until after you receive notice from the seller. You may also write your own letter to cancel the order.
  • Once you’ve canceled, you’re entitled to a refund within 10 days. The seller must also notify you of the date for product pick up, and return any trade-ins given as down payment.
  • Once you’ve canceled, the seller must pick up the product within 20 days. If the seller doesn’t pick up the product or provide a refund, you can keep the product until the seller complies, without any payment obligation.
  • If you paid by credit card, canceled the contract within 3 days, have not yet paid the credit card bill and still have a problem getting a refund, you can dispute the charges with your credit card company

    You can’t cancel the sale if:

  • You signed any documents waiving your right to cancel.
  • You wait too long
  • The product can’t be returned in substantially the same condition in which you received it

Q: Do online merchants have to provide the warranty so I can review it before I buy?

  • A:You have the right to review a