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You may have antique furniture, old china or silverware, or a prom or bride's-maid dress that hasn't been touched in years and you're tired of looking ... read more
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Are Receipt Checks at Stores Worth the Hassle
Find out if you need to show a receipt when asked. ... Read more

Energy Drinks: Does More Energy Lead to More Risk?
In our fast-paced society, there never seem to be enough hours in the day. To increase alertness and productivity, many people rely on energy drinks like 5-Hour Energy, Monster Energy and Red Bull. Some grocery and convenience stores sell more energy drinks than sodas. In 2012, retail sales of energy ... Read more

Rules of Trade for Pawn Shops and Pawnbrokers
Learn about the pawn industry before you cash in. ... Read more

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First, absent you being able to walk away from $31,000.00 because you have so much money that its of no consequence, this is one the most foolish decisions I have seen in a while. You NEVER send such ...Read more

This will require tha a lawyer review the details of your agreement and then go from there. You may need to pay for the lawyers time for such a review - generally we have a 1 hour  consultat ...Read more

"My fiancé and I are young and this is our first time buying a car. We got a loan from our bank and we jumped the gun with this lot/car choice. We are unsatisfied and we just want our money bac ...Read more

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CFPB May Crack Down Further on Debt Collectors as Result of Survey – See mo

With nearly $800 billion being held in credit card debt today by US citizens, many still experience harassment by debt collectors daily, despite laws that have been put in place to prevent such activi ... Read more

Is Your Older Child Ready for a Credit Card?

Many of us received our first credit cards before the age of twenty. Credit-card companies often target college-age students, setting up on campus during various events and making getting credit as ea ... Read more

Zanes Law, The Bill Holmes Legacy Fund, and Up With People!

The Top 3 Ways That We Were Able To Change Lives By Partnering With Up With People My wife, Claudia, and I lost a wonderful friend named Bill Holmes on July 18, 2016. We were fortunate to have known B ... Read more

Can I co-sign for daughter’s car loan if I live in Vegas?

Q: My daughter is 22 and just graduated college in Pittsburgh with honors. She has no student debt and a 6-figure per year job in the entertainment industry in Pittsburgh. She is a union member. Unfor ... Read more

Uber Driverless Car Accident – 3 Things We Can Learn

Self-driving cars have been in the news the last two weeks because an Uber self-driving car in Tempe, Arizona was involved in a car accident. In response to that accident, Uber temporarily suspended i ... Read more

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