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Small Claims Court In Your State
Get detailed information about Small Claims Court in your state Alabama Kentucky North Dakota Alaska Louisiana Ohio Arizona Maine Oklahoma Arkansas Maryland Oregon California Massachusetts Pennsylvania Colorado Michigan Rhode Island Connecticut Minnesota South Carolina Delaware Mississippi South Dakota ... Read more

Small Claims Court Terms
Don't be confused by small claims court jargon. Here are definitions for the most commonly used small claims terms. A-C Affidavit - a written statement of a witness, sworn "under penalty of perjury" to be the truth. Appeal - a rehearing of the parties' claims in the next highest court. Attachment - collecting ... Read more

Demand for Delivery by State
Start a Demand for Delivery in your area by clicking on your state. After you have made your selection, fill out some basic information for your Demand for Delivery. States Beginning with the Letter A through D F through I K through M N through O P through T U through W A through D - Alabama Demand for ... Read more

Small Claims Court Requirements Vary by State
Small claims courts are set up to handle certain types of cases quickly and inexpensively compared with lawsuits filed in other types of courts. If someone claims that you owe money, or if you're suing someone to get money that's owed to you, you may find yourself in small claims court. Small claims ... Read more

Collecting on Small Claims Judgments
Find out how to recover money after receiving a judgment in small claims court. ... Read more

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"I'm a single mom I clean homes for a living I don't have that kind of money.".....yet as a single mom you have enough money to own rental properties? Can't have it both ways......As this was a rental ...Read more

You will just have to decide whether its worth spending more money to sue him. There may also be need to seeif Home Advisor has some liability if the reviews or ratings are false or there is some dips ...Read more

You willneed to hire a lawyer to sue under Fla. Stat. 559 to recvoer the car and then address damages. 

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I bought a 2015 Chevy Cruz. Can I take it back?

Q: I bought this 2015 Chevy Cruz and 5 days later came into financial trouble that I didn’t foresee happening. I called the dealership and they told me they had called the bank to unwind the loa ... Read more

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Construction is regularly cited one of the most hazardous industries in the country. Working with heavy, dangerous equipment only adds to the risk factor. When that equipment is defective, constructio ... Read more

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How to Tell If Monsanto’s Roundup Weed Killer Caused Your Cancer The news is out. Several studies have linked glyphosate, the chemical used in the popular weed killer Roundup, to cancer. However ... Read more

Credit Repair: Is There Really Such A Thing?

Answer: Not Really.  The service they are offering is a service to which you already have access.  For free.  A system to dispute inaccuracies has been in place for years.  The Cre ... Read more

Circle of Legal Trust Holds Second Annual Conference April 2014, Las Vegas, NV

The conference room of attorney Richard Harris was packed for the second annual conference of the Circle of Legal Trust. The Circle, based out of Rendondo Beach, CA provides a space for attorneys to o ... Read more

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