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Buying a used car from a private seller can be an unnerving experience. But there's a lot you can do to make sure you're getting a good deal. Do your ... read more
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Consumer Law Product Recall FAQ
Does the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have injury data on particular consumer products that I can see? How can I find out which products have been recalled? If a product I have is recalled, does that mean I should stop using it? If a product I have is recalled, will I get my money back? ... Read more

Consumer Law Automobiles and Lemon Law FAQ
A dealer misrepresented a used car as having a remaining factory warranty when it had expired. What can be done? Are lemon law claims made against the dealer or manufacturer? Are the results of an arbitration proceeding in a potential lemon law claim binding on the consumer? Are used cars covered by ... Read more

Repair Shop Settlement Puts Brakes on Business
"We've got your number!" When you drop your car off at the repair shop, do you wonder if you're being taken for a fool? Do you drop hints about your friend the mechanic, hoping you won't be scammed for repairs you don't really need? The California attorney general's office recently reached a settlement ... Read more

Toyota Recalls Millions of Vehicles
Next to a new home, buying a new or used car is usually one of the biggest purchases for a US consumer. It's a big deal for most of us. Not only because of the money involved, but also because of the stress and worry. Many of us hold onto our cars for many years, so we want to make sure that we're making ... Read more

Toyota Road Trips Toward Recall
  Update: Toyota recalls prompt Congress to pass new auto safety legislation Hearings in Congress focus on auto industry regulations Consumer safety recalls at Toyota dealerships Minnesota man claims Toyota's failure to blame for crash   Update Fueled by outrage over the Toyota vehicle recalls, Congress ... Read more

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Not likely, but it may have various warranty protections. Bigger issue is WHY and how rear window "broke"  after you left the dealer. No warranties cover damage, abuse or impact type issues, as t ...Read more

In theory yes. But unless it is a substantial account, not likely financially sound deciion and could expose the vendor other liabilities.

Not likely. Unless you can prove they knew of the condition of the car or faked a car fax to sell it in violation of Fla. Stat. 501.975.

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Businesses, corporations or individuals that deceive or manipulate their clients for personal financial gain at their clients’ expense are guilty ofconsumer fraud. These groups target and victim ... Read more

Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyer: Holiday Shopping Guide

Woodstock Personal Injury Lawyer: Holiday Shopping Guide The holidays are supposed to be a joyful time, and toys that your children receive and play with are supposed to be fun, entertaining, and edu ... Read more

Philadelphia Product Liability Lawyers: Birth Control Product Defects

Millions of women around the world use birth control drugs and devices to prevent pregnancy. Others use them to help relieve other medical conditions like heavy menstruation or persistent acne. As wit ... Read more

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act provides strong protection for consumers against deceptive commercial practices by businesses.  These protections include limitations on what businesses can do a ... Read more

TRID Has Arrived! Be Prepared for Delayed Closings

Tips to minimize delays in real estate closings Professionals in the real estate industry have been anticipating the effective date of historic changes to how real estate transactions are conducted ... Read more

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