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Consumer Law Car Purchase FAQ
Do I have to purchase credit insurance to get a car loan? Doesn't a service contract cover the same items as a warranty? I drove the car off the lot and just a few days and miles down the road, the car just quit running. Can I do anything? Is there a "cooling off period" where I can return a car I purchased? ... Read more

Consumer Law Warranty FAQ
Are there any basic requirements of the Warranty Act? Does a manufacturer have to warranty their products? Does the Warranty Act apply to an oral warranty? Does the Warranty Act apply to products purchased for commercial purposes? Does the Warranty Act apply to warranties on services? How does a service ... Read more

Do I Need That Extended Warranty, Really?
Are you ready to buy that new gadget or piece of electronics you've been waiting for, like a flat-screen TV or the latest-greatest smartphone? If so, it's almost guaranteed the salesperson you'll talk to, or even the cashier, will offer you an extended warranty or a "protection" or "service" plan. Should ... Read more

Check That Date: Expired Goods on Store Shelves
If you're harmed by an out-of-date product, you might have recourse in state or federal law. ... Read more

Vehicle Warranties
Are you looking to purchase a new car? You may be interested in what kind of warranty the vehicle has. A warranty is a promise on behalf of the seller to fix certain problems that may arise. There are two basic kinds of vehicle warranties: express and implied. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides ... Read more

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