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If the waterline that burst was actually installed by the water softener company, then they should fix it. However, if the water line that actually burst was one that they simply attached their line t ...Read more

You can sue if you want but that doesn't mean that you will win since I don't know the reason why the phone "burned up". 

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How to Stop Robocall Harassment from Capital One

Do some of these following lines sound familiar? Do you find yourself relating to them? “…While having this card I also received tons of phone calls from bogus callers trying to bleed me o ... Read more

How to Stop Robocall Harassment from Kohl’s

As a department store, Kohl’s offers its consumers the option of shopping with a store credit card. This card allows users some discounts, depending on offers available at that time along with t ... Read more

Why It Is Important to Stop Debt Collection Harassment

Debt collection related communication has the potential to turn into harassment and cause stress which is one of the primary reasons it must be stopped. By itself, collecting overdue debt whether in t ... Read more

How to Stop Threatening Calls from All Debt Solutions

If you thought All Debt Solutions refers to a resolution for different kinds of debt, you are not alone. However, All Debt Solutions is a full-service debt collection agency that helps clients recover ... Read more


1.In Latner v. Mount Sinai Health System, Inc., the Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals decided that a health care system has the right to send “robo” texts reminding its patients abou ... Read more

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