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My car is leased for not even two weeks and we come to find there is a leak. Moisture has been getting in causing mildew smell and mold build up. What are my rights to get out of this lease. The service department has had my car for three days and still are having trouble pin pointing where the moisture is getting in . I have not even made my first payment and am already being told that the car is faulty and they will have to replace the carpets for water damage and mold. What are my rights to get out of this lease or to replace the car.
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Answered on Apr 15th, 2017 at 12:39 PM

The Lemon Law allows the right of the dealer to fix the car.  Thus, you can only get out if they cannot fix it.  It is not at that point yet as they are willing to fix it and are doing it at their cost.

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