Can I take legal action against this Sales Network

Asked on Mar 01st, 2017 on Consumer Law - Florida
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I put my motorcycle up for sale on Craigslist. I started receiving calls from a company call Sales Network. They called twice, left a message, then I finally talked them. They told me what they had to offer, i asked them to email me information on their company and I would look into them and call back if I was interested in their services. After researching them I was no longer interested, continued to receive call daily. I finally picked up the phone when they called, told them I was not interested and to please take me off the call list. The operator "Cory" very aggressively kept asking "why why why why why? I said it did not matter why I am just not interested. Then he said he would not take me off the call list and hung up on me....
Answered on Mar 02nd, 2017 at 6:19 AM
No - there really isn't a remedy for just being offended. IF they continue to call - there could bean issue - BUT you would likely have to hire a lawyer at some expense to address it, 
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