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Asked on Dec 04th, 2017 on Consumer Law - Florida
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I had a flight with spirit airlines out of ft lauderdale. My car got stuck. I called ft Lauderdale airport and no pick up an answering machine gave me another number I called that number which directed me back to the airport and the same message came out. I got there at approximately the time the flight was to depart. I ran up to the desk and explained this flight was an emergency grevience flight and was last with my 2 children. The person at the desk said she wld be able to send me out the next flight and can ask her supervisor for any possible fees to be waived. I waited for her supervisor for 15 min and explained my grevience situation as well as my financial situation. She told me no and I begged and pleaded with her I told her I hoped this wld never happen to her and she laughed in my face. I almost broke down into tears from the hurt and pain I was going through during this time of suffering. I then asked her name and she blately told me no I said I have a right to have your nam
Answered on Dec 05th, 2017 at 5:49 AM
No. If you miss your flight for what ever reason it is what it is. While the manager may have been rude, your remedy is to complain to customer service. 
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