Classic Car Inspection Gone Bad! What do I need to show in order to win this case, and where should I file it?

Asked on Jul 04th, 2017 on Consumer Law - New York
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Here’s the background: I had a classic car inspection done late last year. It is understood that these inspections cannot identify every possible repair, but should certainly identify repairs that become evident through a visual inspection and a test drive. The inspection was done, and a few key things were missing: For starters, the inspector never put the car on a lift, the pictures of the undercarriage of the car were taken when he knelt beside it and stuck the camera under. Next, the car was never taken for a test drive. After I got the car, I had to replace bushings, shocks, an oil leak, and more, that the mechanic identified by getting the car on the lift and taking it for a test drive. All in all, I wound up paying around $5,000 in repairs after I got the car. The repairs the car needed existed during the time of the inspection, and overlooked due to the incompleteness of the inspection. The company is in Texas, the inspection was done in St. Louis, and I live in NYC.

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