Do I have a case against company or person if person contacted me outside of business relation using my phone number that was pulled without consent?

Asked on Jul 12th, 2017 on Consumer Law - Florida
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I was contacted by an employee of a mjaor corporation in regards to a matter outside of said corporation. I have not spoken to this person at all except for the one time I was in the store, and did not give them my phone number for personal use. I purchased an item from the establishment in May and the person in question has admitted to pulling my personal number from their place of work to attempt to sell me things unrelated to the establishment. I have had issues in the past with phone harrasment and this incident made me very uncomfortable. I am worried this person may have access to other personal information such as address, place of work, social security, or banking information that I do NOT give out to anyone. I am looking for a professional opinion of how to handle this situation.
Answered on Jul 13th, 2017 at 6:27 AM
Well you will only get viable professional opinions when you pay lawyers for them like any other professional. Other than that you get off the cuff comments or tidbits at best. That stated, absent some substantial damage there is no viable case here on a contingent fee so any legal action or issue will involve you paying a lawyer out of pocket to be involved. Short of that I would take the details to the company and notify them and demand they take action to address this. I suspect they will fire the employee and make some small overature to you to "make things right" that you can work out with them. 
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