Do they still have to fix our tv?

Asked on Nov 24th, 2017 on Consumer Law - Florida
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We were renting to own a TV from rent a center but we paid it off 03/22/2017. We had the benefit plus the whole time for that Item, and it even says right here on their benefits : "In the event of product failure and/or mechanical breakdown of your merchandise, you will receive service on your paid-out merchandise for up to one year after ownership. Without this valuable protection, you would be responsible for all costs of repairs after you owned the merchandise. ." We had other stuff with them and were making payments with them until they closed the store we were renting from and sent our info over to an different rent to own shop called 'Aarons' without even asking us if we wanted to. Now the tv broke and we can't get it fixed because we bought it at rent a center not Aarons and Aarons can't do anything about it and rent a center says they can't either now because we don't have an active member ship with them.. but that was their doing not ours? What can we do.
Answered on Nov 26th, 2017 at 10:05 AM
The problem here is that the expense of actually resolving this issue is likely going to be moe than the repair cost of the TV. Not sure how this account got sent to Aarons unless there was some sort of buy out, but in theory one or the other may be obligated to fix the TV. 
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