Hi there, I am in a debate with Apple about warranty rights... Can I file a lawsuit if they are clearly violating my warranty rights?

Asked on Feb 15th, 2017 on Lemon Law - Tennessee
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Hi there, I have a pair of beats headphones that I got as a gift and Apple Won't repair them due to the fact that they spotted a "foreign substance" and they claim that the unit was tampered with when it Really wasn't. Several customers have reported that it broke in a common place and still apple can't replace them because their engineers have reviewed it and they said that they still stick with the fact that it has a foreign substance on it when in reality that foreign substance is the glue that Apple uses underneath their headband. I touched that glue with my hands and it got on them and I spread it with my hands all over the headphones. Apple only wanted to send me a dumb coupon that only paid up to $100.00 off of the purchase price when that is of no help to me. Apple has an engineering team that is not customer faced and is not able to communicate by phone and can only be reached by email via an apple call center agent which also is a major problem!!! It is ridiculous!
Answered on Feb 15th, 2017 at 6:41 PM
Yes, you can file a lawsuit if you want if you are willing to pay an attorney $$$$$$$$$ to file this lawsuit over a pair of headphones, which really doesn't sound to smart.  I would suggest that you a little more homework in trying to find ALOT of others who had the same problem as you and then considering going together to file a claim with Apple. 
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