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how to enact revoke of acceptance when store is only offering store credit or a remake of same furniture.

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Hudson's Furniture Showroom Brandon FL - 6/4/17 ordered custom Basset recliner. 30 days later it arrived damaged in the manufacturing of the chair despite their "strict quality control and guarantee of quality construction" . Hudson's furniture sent third party to inspect and concurs chair cannot be repaired. On 7/12 wrote to Hudson's outlining the issue and we want revoke of acceptance (full refund) of $1,311.19. On 7/15 received call from customer service agent on behalf of Hudson's stating they were willing to have Basset remake the chair or issue a store credit. They do not sell any merchandise we can to replace this chair and feel strongly Basset voided the “implied warranty” (and consumer confidence) by sending defective merchandise of which Hudson's cannot guarantee another chair would not arrive defective. We have lost consumer confidence in Basset and wish a refund. They are forwarding our request to store Mgr Doug Christianson. We need legal advise
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Answered on Jul 16th, 2017 at 11:30 AM

This will start with (a) what the terms of the refund policy and any warranty provide and then (b) your willingness to spend money out of pocket on legal fees that may exceed the amount in dispute. Damage is generally not a manufactuer defect for warranty application BTW. 

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