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I need help to after pluming co that has put 3 pumps in my house and they all went bad only they were 220 pumps and pugged into a110 outlet.lessthen1y

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the pluming co fired the service tex that put these pumps in.. in june they came out and put a new pump in 3months later it went out they came out and put another pump in ( same serviceman ) 4 months it went out again... call them up they told me that I had to have my well checked so I did so.. it checked out to be fine no leaks and a lot of water.. the well was not but I think 4 or 5 yrs old now but then was only 3yr. so call them and at that time they said that I would have to pay for another pump and labor.. even knowing that my pumps that I pay for were still under warty.. so I pay again ( the same tex) came out again put the pump in and it worked for 2 days.. call them they told me that they wouldn't come out anymore told me that the tex said that I had no ground to my plug-in and need a electrician. my renter got a electrician he check out the house and it was fine. call back still wouldn't come out. another pluming co come out found that the switch was broken off.2 days out
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Answered on Aug 14th, 2017 at 6:39 AM

There is something wrong here as pumps should not burn out like that. That the last sentance reveals this is a rental unit also raises some issues about tenant tampering. 

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