Is a company entitled to charge me for a product that arrived damaged in shipping, if noticed after receiving and signing for it?

Asked on Apr 02nd, 2016 on Consumer Law - New Jersey
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I recently purchased a furnace that was delivered via freight. I signed and removed the box after the shippers left. Upon taking the box off I noticed the item was damaged and should not be used. The credit card company is refusing to remove the payment since I signed. The shippers are refusing to accept a claim for the same reason.
Answered on Apr 03rd, 2016 at 2:35 PM
You must document in writing all that happened and provide to the manufacturer and to the shipper. You must explain in writing how the furnace was damaged. You must alert your insurance company for your home. You must be detailed and factual. You will be successful. You can sue in Small Claims Court if vendors are local. Ed Dimon
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