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What are my rights as a consumer for a leased vehicle?

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My fiance and I leased 2 vehicles on 12/31/2016. Yesterday we received a letter dated for 1/30/2017 that the financing was not approved, but they already took my down payments and paid off my vehicle trade in. I have yet to be contacted by the dealership, but I would like to know my rights before I do. Specifically, does the dealership have to uphold the financing if we already signed a contract? What legal grounds do I have to fight this?
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Answered on Feb 09th, 2017 at 8:49 AM

YOu need to retain a lawyer at this point  - you are likely running into a Yo-Yo scam and the critical time to hire a lawyer is the moment something goes wrong where you can t just undo the contract. It may cost you some money out of pocket but it will save you lots of hassle and grief.

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