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Using Credit Cards Correctly in Trying Economic Times
Federal and state laws impose a variety of obligations on credit card companies. These laws regulate areas such as discrimination, information disclosure, billing, and debt collection. If you don't understand how credit cards work and what your rights are, your credit card application may be unfairly ... READ MORE

Changing Credit Card Terms
As more banks fail or seek federal money to stay afloat, consumers are being squeezed by rising interest rates and increased fees on their credit cards. Banks and other credit card issuers are looking for ways to maximize their revenue and reduce their risk as they deal with tremendous losses stemming ... READ MORE

Credit Insurance for Outstanding Account Balances
In February 2009, the U.S. jobless rate reached 8.1%. This is the highest unemployment rate since 1983. Almost two million jobs have been lost in the last three months. You may be concerned about your own job security and how you are going to pay your bills. If you have a lot of credit card debt, you ... READ MORE

FTC Battles Bad Practices by Debt Collectors
Since ancient times, tax and debt collectors have been portrayed as villains. They strike fear in the hearts of debtors and their families. Today, the backdrop has changed due to new technology, but often the result is the same. Families frightened by threats and abusive language that debt collectors ... READ MORE

Are Credit Card Companies Taking You To the Bank?
It's fast and convenient to use a credit card when buying something rather than having to have cash on hand or write a check. Of course, for that convenience, we're usually charged a fee - either by the credit card companies or the banks issuing the cards. Those fees are sometimes unexpected, high, ... READ MORE

Debt Collectors May Go Too Far
Millions of American consumers have racked up over $2 trillion in debt. With so many owing so much, it's inevitable that some people fall behind in making payments for any number of reasons - living beyond their means, lost jobs, medical expenses, etc. ... READ MORE

Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Charge Cards, Oh My...
More and more Americans are using their credit cards to pay their bills, and buy morning coffee, and then don't pay them off each month. At one time, there were only charge cards for large department stores that users were required to pay each month. Today, there is a much wider selection of charge, ... READ MORE

New Rules to Protect Credit Card Holders
Related Item A new report explains how the rules adopted under the CARD Act have affected the cost and availability of credit card lending. The Center for Responsible Lending says these rules did not reduce credit card lending by banks. It also says banks did not raise the cost to borrow money on credit ... READ MORE

Avoid Default on Government Student Loans
The amount of student loan debt in the U.S. is close to $1 trillion. Student debt has passed up credit-card debt to become the second-largest category of consumer debt in the country. Only mortgage debt is higher. Due to the poor job market of the past few years, nearly one in six student loan borrowers ... READ MORE

Keep an Eye on Your Savings Account
Opening a savings account isn't as straightforward as it used to be. Today, you have more account options to choose from and you don't always need to visit your local bank to open the account. As a result, it's become even more important to read the fine print of the agreements or contracts you sign ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Debt Collection Case From a Local Attorney

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