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Using Credit Cards Correctly in Trying Economic Times
Federal and state laws impose a variety of obligations on credit card companies. These laws regulate areas such as discrimination, information disclosure, billing, and debt collection. If you don't understand how credit cards work and what your rights are, your credit card application may be unfairly ... READ MORE

Payday Loans Are Often Predatory
Financially strapped individuals turn to payday loans when they need cash between paychecks and have exhausted every other option. These borrowers are rarely eligible for other kinds of credit, and don’t want to borrow from family and friends. Each year, about 12 million borrowers take out payday loans. ... READ MORE

Types of Debt and Debt Collection Practices
Secured debts are tied to an asset that becomes collateral for the debt. A house, for example, is the collateral for a mortgage. A car is collateral for a car loan. If you don't pay the debt, the lender takes and sells the house or the car to recoup its loan. Unsecured debts are not linked to collateral. ... READ MORE

Large Debt Collectors under the Microscope
The debt-collection industry continues to boom as many well-meaning people struggle to pay what they owe. Debt collection was a $13 billion business in 2012. Some 30 million Americans have debt that has entered the debt-collection process. Increasingly, debt collectors come under fire for illegally hounding ... READ MORE

Request Your Free Credit Report Every Year
Your credit report is a record of all open accounts you have as well as your payment history with each of them. It also includes loans you've applied for and your criminal record, if you have one. If you file for bankruptcy, it will appear on your credit report. Three national companies keep these records, ... READ MORE

Respond to Credit Card Debt Claims
U.S. consumers are $18.7 billion dollars behind on their credit card debt. Increasingly, banks are taking delinquent borrowers to court, suing them for payment. Often, these borrowers never show up in court to contest the charges. This can be a big mistake. Often, the documents submitted to the court ... READ MORE

Creditors' Legal Rights
Learn how creditors can collect secured and unsecured debts when debtors don't pay. ... READ MORE

How Payday Loans Work: Facts and Warnings
A payday loan is an easy way to get money quickly. But that money comes with a price. ... READ MORE

What Will Happen If You Can't Make Your Car Loan Payment?
If you default on (don't pay) your auto loan, your lender can take your car back through "repossession ... READ MORE

What Happens to Debt After Death?
Debts don't usually die with the individual who incurred them. Find out which debts your heirs will need to pay off before enjoying your bequest. ... READ MORE


Get a Free Evaluation For Your Debt Collection Case From a Local Attorney

What You Should Know About Judgments

Most people don’t think about court judgments until they are faced with one, either about to be or already issued. Yet everyone should be aware of the basic principles underlying a court judgmen ... Read more

Property Exempt from Creditor’s Liens

It should be noted that Texas history is filled with citizens from other states and countries moving to Texas to escape debt and not so friendly debt collection laws, incluing in some instances, debto ... Read more

Enforcing a Court Judgement

A man was awarded $11,500 by the court in attorney fees after being sued by his ex-wife. As of now, she refuses to pay any of the fees. What’s more, she has also quit her job. This man seeks adv ... Read more

Recent Nevada Supreme Court ruling on garnishments

Many creditors use garnishments as a means to enforcing their judgments. In a recent Nevada Supreme Court decision, Pacific Western Bank, v. The Eighth Judicial District Court 132 Nev. Adv. Op. 78 (20 ... Read more

Post Judgment Collections and Interrogatories in Aid of Execution: What Happens When a Judgment is Taken Against You?

Under Pennsylvania law, a "judgment" means any court order in favor of a plaintiff, and against you.  When that judgment involves damages, the Plaintiff has a right to collect against y ... Read more

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