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Consumer Law Car Purchase FAQ
Do I have to purchase credit insurance to get a car loan? Doesn't a service contract cover the same items as a warranty? I drove the car off the lot and just a few days and miles down the road, the car just quit running. Can I do anything? Is there a "cooling off period" where I can return a car I purchased? ... READ MORE

Consumer Law Product Recall FAQ
Does the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have injury data on particular consumer products that I can see? How can I find out which products have been recalled? If a product I have is recalled, does that mean I should stop using it? If a product I have is recalled, will I get my money back? ... READ MORE

Consumer Law Automobiles and Lemon Law FAQ
A dealer misrepresented a used car as having a remaining factory warranty when it had expired. What can be done? Are lemon law claims made against the dealer or manufacturer? Are the results of an arbitration proceeding in a potential lemon law claim binding on the consumer? Are used cars covered by ... READ MORE

Toyota Recalls Millions of Vehicles
Next to a new home, buying a new or used car is usually one of the biggest purchases for a US consumer. It's a big deal for most of us. Not only because of the money involved, but also because of the stress and worry. Many of us hold onto our cars for many years, so we want to make sure that we're making ... READ MORE

Toyota Road Trips Toward Recall
  Update: Toyota recalls prompt Congress to pass new auto safety legislation Hearings in Congress focus on auto industry regulations Consumer safety recalls at Toyota dealerships Minnesota man claims Toyota's failure to blame for crash   Update Fueled by outrage over the Toyota vehicle recalls, Congress ... READ MORE

Toyota To Fix Millions of Sticky Gas Pedals Mats
In January 2010, Toyota started recalling millions of more vehicles because of sticky gas pedals In 2009, Toyota recalled millions of vehicles sold in the US because faulty floor mats, but the two aren't related, according to Toyota The auto maker announced an almost-immediate US-wide effort to fix both ... READ MORE

Dozens of Toyota Suits May Become a National Suit
Update Toyota received another subpoena requesting information about vehicle defects in June 2010. This time a federal grand jury in New York wanted company documents related to steering defects. Toyota said it’s complying with the subpoena, but it didn’t say which vehicle models were involved. The ... READ MORE

End of Cash for Clunkers Means Steer Clear of Scams
  New government program "Cash for Clunkers" provides consumers with a credit when they replace their old car with a new, more energy-efficient car "Cash for Clunkers" program results in many scam Web sites attempting to get personal information from consumers   President Obama signed the cash for ... READ MORE

Fight Over Right to Repair Law Drives On
When you have car trouble where do you take it to get fixed, the dealership or the neighborhood mechanic or local garage? Do you really have a choice? Maybe not. Car Trouble Imagine this scenario. You notice a problem with your newer car. You decide to take it to the mechanic you've been dealing with ... READ MORE

GM after the Fall What about My Warranty and Parts
With all of the changes in the auto industry, many consumers are wondering what impact the current status of car makers such as General Motors (GM) will have on their warranties and their need for parts. GM and other car makers have undergone major changes over the past year, and these translate to changes ... READ MORE


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We handle such cases - the issue will revolve around whether its on a contingent fee, hourly rate/retainer or some blended fee structure. This will be determined on what fault T-Mobile had in the port ...Read more

No way to tell for sure- but the answer is simple - walk away from the deal as its clearly shady.

You will have to hire a lawyer in your area to walk you through this. Not sure why this is being pursued 9 years later wth apparently no records. 

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1.In Latner v. Mount Sinai Health System, Inc., the Second Circuit Federal Court of Appeals decided that a health care system has the right to send “robo” texts reminding its patients abou ... Read more


A. THE CHAPTER 93A, SECTION 9 CONSUMER PROTECTION DEMAND LETTER REMAINS A FAVORITE WEAPON OF CHOICE FOR AN AGGRIEVED PLAINTIFF. Litigation involving claims of unfair or deceptive business practices un ... Read more


A.THE ABBEY INN AND SUITES OF NASHVILLE, INDIANA DOES THE UNTHINKABLE. In March of 2016, Katrina Arthur and her husband were guests at the Abbey Inn in Nashville, Indiana. In statements made to the pr ... Read more


Massachusetts has a very powerful and comprehensive consumer protection statute that allows consumers to file a lawsuit against a business for unfair and deceptive trade practices. If you are a Massac ... Read more

Landlord Tenant Law in California

Busily micromanaging the residential rental market from Sacramento, our legislators have made landlord-tenant law in California a minefield for landlords. Here’s one mine you might not know abou ... Read more

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